Online Reporting and Trading Strategy Intelligence

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Our Trading Strategy Research, Yours, or Any Data Type You Want!


Insightful trading strategy research, reports & dashboards

StrategyDB delivers insightful database driven reports & dashboards based on custom trading strategy back-tests & research. Or, bring your own. 

Upload/synchronize data from anywhere

Clients also use our services to upload and sync proprietary data easily from spreadsheets, files, databases, and hosted/traditional applications.

Share and collaborate

Take delivery and share reports with others. Traders, front, middle, and back-office, can collaborate and analyze with trading teams better, online or off. 

Analyze and track

Analyze trading strategy data and stay on top of your research. Use it side-by-side with your current trading workflow.

Mobile access whenever you need it

Reports are available on mobile devices; view and share reports and dashboards.

Custom Reports and Capabilities



Upload our research or yours via spreadsheet or other data like CSV, TSV, XLS, and HTML files. Or add data, providing it directly to us for further customizations, or bolt it right into the interface / solution that we provide.


Visually analyze your research with reports that we create. Specify the types of reports you want and we deliver.


We can deliver collaborative capabilities that will enable you are your trading colleagues to collaborate more easily; front, middle, or back-office; enable better decision making.



SDB uses a wide variety of charts, pivot tables and tabular view components to build insightful reports and dashboards on your behalf. 


Now, we are able to embed your reports and dashboards anywhere: accorss websites, blogs, trading applications, shared network folders, etc., for your wider consumption or for your teams.


With our 3rd party vendors, we can mash up powerful development platforms to build reporting and trading analytics capabilities right into your current workflows.